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In past few years additive manufacturing (AM), often called 3D printing, has been getting a lot of attention and some see it as a new industrial revolution. To really fulfill this promise and to become a broadly used manufacturing technology, AM should further improve its speed, resolution and reproducibility, and a broader material portfolio should be developed. Do you want to help us to take up the challenge and mold the future of how things are made?

We are looking for a new colleague within the expertise area Technical Sciences in which our inspirational work is geared to technological breakthroughs to create innovations in key societal and economic themes. Our projects tend to have a significant international impact and our facilities are unique.

The department Equipment for Additive Manufacturing (EfAM) develops cutting-edge technology and high-precision machine concepts for 3D printing and layer-wise material deposition. Novel manufacturing concepts and equipment prototypes are developed and brought to market by applied technology and discipline teams. Technologies like high viscosity jetting, spatial processing, micro-stereolithography and laser processing are key research topics.

The development of these technologies is done by enthusiastic and multidisciplinary teams. Based on a broad technology basis, these teams define the functional and customer requirement specifications and translate these into innovative concepts. These concepts are developed to machine prototypes together with academic and industrial partners (Holst Centre, University of Twente, TU Eindhoven, VTT, Fraunhofer and ASCAMM). Finally the machine prototypes and technologies are transferred to our business partners.

TNO EfAM has a track record of successfully transferred technologies:
LEPUS: development of a fast stereolithography technology for the 3D printing of, among others, jewelry and hearing aids. The technology was transferred to a company and is currently successfully commercialized.
Fast-ALD: development of a spatial atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology for high-speed deposition of functional materials on rigid substrates. The technology is 100 times faster than conventional ALD. The technology is currently commercialized via the spin-out company SoLayTec for the deposition of passivation layers in crystalline solar cells.
High Viscosity Jetting (HVJ): development of a high-viscous printing technology for multi-material printing applications. Recently, the technology was integrated in a manufacturing technology demonstration platform (PrintValley).

Requirements: voor stageopdracht EFAM
The EfAM department consists of about 40 highly skilled professionals, with a background in thermal and fluids engineering, system engineering, control and dynamics, biomedical technology and equipment engineering. TNO EfAM is constantly searching for technical talent to contribute to the development of state of the art processes and equipment. Strong analytical skills, creativity and a result-oriented way of working are required to fulfill the graduation project or training assignment successfully. TNO EfAM offers a professional guidance during your internship.

About TNO: voor stageopdracht EFAM
TNO is an independent research organisation whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. We develop knowledge not for its own sake but for practical application. To create new products that make life more pleasant and valuable and help companies innovate. To find creative answers to the questions posed by society. We work for a variety of customers: governments, the SME sector, large companies, service providers and non-governmental organisations. Working together on new knowledge, better products and clear recommendations for policy and processes. In everything we do, impact is the key. Our product and process innovations and recommendations are only worth something if our customers can use them to boost their competitiveness.

Terms of employment: voor stageopdracht EFAM
You want to work on the precursor of your career; a work placement gives you an opportunity to take a good look at your prospective future employer. TNO goes a step further. It’s not just looking that interests us; you and your knowledge are essential to our innovation. That’s why we attach a great deal of value to your personal and professional development. You will, of course, be properly supervised during your work placement and be given the scope for you to get the best out of yourself. Naturally, we provide suitable work placement compensation.

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Wijnand Germs, telephone number +31 (0)88 866 56 28

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